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The Solar System

This is a single composition that, after a fashion, represents the solar system, up to and including Pluto

My preference would be for you to listen and then read the brief explanatory notes beneath the player... Thanks.



The Solar System is a single composition. Without going into too much detail... it is as follows:
Each planet’s location in the piece is dictated by its distance from the sun and its duration dictated by its diameter.

The maths used to 'build' 'my' system are not complicated but they are relatively accurate. The only 'relatively free to move' element is Pluto (Yes... I consider it a planet) as it has an elliptical orbit so can appear earlier or later than it does. It is currently at an average distance. I think at some point I will use its distance from the sun on a specific date appropriate to the composition.

The sun is a constant backdrop to the planets.
There are artifactual noises and sounds throughout the piece and they serve to represent an 'observer' on this journey.

Each planet's 'music' relies heavily on a sampler (Steinberg's Halion 6) and the use of NASA's planetary recordings (sure... see the album notes). Whilst the main thrust of each is its sample in 'raw' form, it is accompanied by an 'instrument' constructed by me and using the raw sample as a core..
Saturn differs as the rings offer an opportunity to impose an additional structured element. The order of the rings alphabetically is employed alongside distance from the centre of the planet. For instance, the final note of Saturn's accompaniment being E and lasting for a long period. I have to thank David McMillan for a conversation about Saturn that highlighted the fact that the rings are lettered... much obliged.

Known and intentional distortions:
There is overlap of some of the planets... a rush of the inner planets emerges quickly and is then replaced with longer voicings intermingling somewhat
The planets are 'lined up'. I wouldn’t like to guess when this would ever happen in reality or even if this is possible but if they weren't... this piece would not be possible... simple!.

The Solar Adjuncts

Just some solar system inspired drone/noise/avant.

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